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Cadet Programs

Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

Cadet Programs

The Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Program transforms the youth of America into the leaders of tomorrow. This is accomplished through leadership curriculums, learning labratories, aerospace education, fitness, and character development. Additionally, the program follows the Air Force's military model in adherence to its traditions and values. While cadets are not required to join the Armed Forces, they are highly encouraged to use this program as a headstart. Individuals who obtain the Billy Mitchell award in the program are looked upon favorably by AFROTC and the USAF Academy. Additionally, if they choose to enlist in the Air Force, they may enter at the grade of E-3.


The Three Missions of CAP 
Aerospace Education
Cadet Programs 
Emergency Services 

The Mission of the CAP Cadet Program 
The Mission of the CAP cadet program is to provide the youth of our nation with a quality program that enhances their leadership skills through an interest in aviation and simultaneously provide services to the United States Air Force and to the local community. 

Civil Air Patrol Motto 
"Semper Vigilans" - Always Vigilant 

Stripes to Diamonds
Cadets can visit here and learn everything needed to promote through every ranks

New Cadets
Cadets can visit here to gain knowledge of anything CAP related. From uniforms to flash cards, the info you need is here!

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