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The CyberPatriot National Cyber Defense Competition is a program designed to train the youth of America for the complex technical challenges of our modern society. Hosted by the Air Force Association, competitors are put into the challenges made to test their technical skills and teamwork in a virtual environment simulating a company network. In addition to the competition, our squadron focuses on assisting cadets persue technical careers and skillsets used in the professional workplace. Part of the learning experience is gamification and hands-on knowledge application by using enterprise grade hardware and software.

Main Learning Objectives:
  • Information Security - Defending against live intrusions, indicent response, & hardening practices.
  • Digital Forensics - A firm understanding of cryptography, characteristics of data, data recovery, & Chain of Custody.
  • Networking - Using GNS3 & Cisco's Packet Tracer competitors learn network configurations, TCP/OSI models,  & work with enterprise grade hardware (Sophos, Dell, & Cisco).
Secondary Learning Objectives:
  • Website Hosting/Design - Members learn how websites are hosted, setup, and are designed. Software primarily used is Nginx & Apache.
  • Compliance - Competitors apply their knowledge to include best practices and regulations such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS.
  • Programming - We encourage all our members to learn languages and apply them to the program wherever possible. Python, Bourne-Again Shell (BASH), HTML5, and SQL are examples of common languages used in the competitions.
  • Virtualization - All our challenges are typically done in a virtualized environment. Members will learn to create, design, and manage virtualized objects on a regular basis.
  • Server Administration - Competitors will work with Ubuntu Server & Windows Server 2012 R2 for numerous challenges. For example, the Ubuntu Server may be hosting a MySQL server in conjunction with a Wordpress site.
  • OS Fundementals - Our program will teach Linux, Windows, & macOS with extreme depth in order to proceed through the challenges with ease. In addition, members will learn about iOS & Andriod systems.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) - This is a relatively new concept, but an important one in the information technology field. Competitors will learn the dangers, benefits, challenges, and innovations produced through IoT.

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