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Welcome Parents!


Welcome, parents and families. Through their experiences as CAP cadets, young people develop into responsible citizens and become tomorrow's aerospace leaders. CAP is the volunteer, nonprofit auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Its three missions are to develop its cadets, educate Americans on the importance of aviation and space, and perform life-saving, humanitarian missions. CAP cadets take on a military-styled approach to leadership based on the USAF cirriculums and values. While CAP offers a learning-lab environment for many leadership and STEM skills, many cadets take these with them into the professional world. Using their experience to apply for their first jobs, submitting college applications, obtaining industry certifications, and much more! We want to help your cadet succeed!

To help cadets plan for an exciting future, CAP offers college and flight scholarships. And, while they are not obligated to join the military, cadets who earn the Mitchell Award can enter the Air Force at an advanced pay grade (E-3). The service academies and ROTC also look favorably on CAP experience. About 8% of Air Force Academy cadets are former CAP cadets, and the Academy's Preparatory School sets aside at least one slot for CAP cadets annually.


Outcomes Youth Achieve as Cadets

Leadership Training:   a thoughtful approach to problem solving & practical skills for leading in a diverse world

Aerospace Education:  familiarity with aerospace sciences and cyber, plus awareness of career options

Fitness Education:  lifelong habit of regular exercise and a commitment to a drug-free lifestyle

Character Education:  a personal code of honor and the moral reasoning skills to make tough decisions

82% of cadets earn B’s or better at school

76% “strongly believe” in community service

72% interested in military service

65% interested in aviation careers


An Invitation to Participate

Addressing Concerns

As a parent, any time you have a question or concern, please contact the local squadron commander. CAP takes parents' concerns very seriously. If local leaders are unable to resolve an issue to your satisfaction, your wing (state) leaders will gladly help.

Adult Membership

CAP can always use more adult volunteers. If you are willing to serve occasionally as a chaperone or driver, consider joining as a Cadet Sponsor Member. If you are interested in participating more fully in CAP's missions, consider joining as a Senior Member.

Parents' Committee

Parents can support the cadets in their local squadron without officially joining CAP by serving on a parents' committee. Some ways parents can help include: • asking area businesses to make financial or in-kind donations • organizing a carpool system • planning an awards night or pot luck dinner • helping the squadron connect with local civic groups • serving as a guest speaker • spreading the news about CAP and helping recruit new members.

Assistance Opportunities

Curry Blues Voucher

The Curry Blues Voucher provides cadets with a $100 credit to assist them in purchasing the "blues" uniform, upon their earning Achievement 1, The Curry Achievement. The vouchers expire 45 days after issuance and should only be used in purchasing items such as:

  • Blues garments:  shirts, trousers, skirts

  • Flight cap

  • Belt and buckle

  • Shoes

  • Necktie or tab

  • Insignia:  airmen chevrons, flight cap device, blue 3-line nameplate, curry ribbon, ribbon holder

Member Benefits

Senior adult leaders and cadets both can qualify to take advantage of benefits through national partners. These benefits can include travel discounts, computer software & hardware coupons, discounts on office supplies, CAP USAA Rewards Card, and much more! Check member benefits out at our national benefits page

To learn more, visit, or speak with your local squadron commander.

If your cadet is already a member then THANK YOU for supporting your son’s or daughter's membership in the Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Program.


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