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Spring Break's Camping Trip

April 14, 2019

On the evening of April 12th,

The Cape Fear Composite Squadron began their camping trip to hone their Ground Team skills, demonstrate leadership & teamwork through rigourous activities, and participated in multiple sports events. While it may have rained for most of the weekend, that didn't stop the members from improvising and continuing their training (safely of course). The staff and cadets demonstrated outstanding diligence in all the activities, making this event a huge success. In fact, all the cadets who attended recieved a physical fitness test in order to assist them with their promotions. Some activities that were at the event were Capture the Flag, Kickball, OPSEC training, Wireless Defense Safety, Hasty Searches, and much more! Whether it be working with radios, practicing search techniques, or having fun with sports - everyone enjoyed the event. In one case, a cadet staff member pointed out that "this was probably the most fun I (the interviewed cadet) have ever had at a CAP activity".  While many members were sad to leave the event at the end of the weekend, they look forward to the next time they go out!


Special thanks to the Wharton family for providing a great location and assisting us whenever necessary.

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